The Eden Tree

Last Updated : July 14 2017

The Eden Tree

by Chloe Johnson 2017 July 14

Eden Tree is a main maker and merchant of top of the line new vegetables, products of the soil in Ghana. Our central goal is to advance good dieting propensities in the nation by delivering, bundling, and providing astounding vegetables, organic products, and herbs to the Ghanaian market.

Since the organization's fuse in 1997, our reasoning has dependably been the same: quality and perfection at all cost. We develop our items with both the customer's wellbeing and security and natural supportability in our brain. Our items originated from our own particular homesteads in the Volta and Eastern areas of Ghana and from a novel rundown of extraordinarily prepared out cultivators. We join our 19 years of involvement with the ability of driving neighborhood and global sustenance and agribusiness specialists to guarantee that our items are developed in strict consistence with universal nourishment security principles. We are pleased to have some of our items 'Ghana Green Label' guaranteed, which implies that they are delivered in view of sustenance security and natural supportability.

Our resolute endeavors to continually advance and supply superb items available with negligible intrusion has made us a most loved among sustenance retailers and buyers. Today, we supply more than 80 vegetables, natural products, and herbs related items to a client base running from real sustenance retailers and lodgings in Ghana to eateries and individual shoppers. We offer high caliber and quick conveyance administrations on account of our vans and enthusiastic drivers.

With a quickly developing economy and a rising center pay class, the effectively rising interest for solid sustenance in Ghana won't back off at any point in the near future. And with the help of the Eden projects the eden tree hopes to conitune this rise.  At Eden Tree, we don't see this developing interest as a straightforward open door for working together and topping off our pockets. We consider it to be an extraordinary obligation to help manufacture a country with more beneficial individuals; a country where adhering to a good diet propensities wind up plainly implanted in the way of life as Ghana moves from a creating to a really rising nation.

We this as a top priority, we consider it to be our duty to educate shoppers of where our items are originating from and the conditions in which they are created

Green mark affirmation

"The Ghana Green Label Scheme is gone for advancing safe nourishment creation, postharvest taking care of and conveyance utilizing great and ecologically feasible farming practices. Ranchers, transporters, and dealers (discount and retail) subscribing to this Scheme must actualize such practices.

The accreditation plot is demonstrated to confirm ranches that consent to the essential creation and dissemination frameworks that guarantee that wellbeing and ecological maintainability are not traded off until the point when deliver achieves the purchaser. The usage of this plan ought to encourage the possible move of the Ghanaian plant industry to practical farming. While the Ghana Green Label conspire focuses on the household advertise, it is relied upon to fill in as a passage point for neighborhood ranchers to get to the universal market".

Some of Eden Tree agriculturists are Green Label Certified and the rest will be experiencing the correct preparing procedure to get guaranteed.

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