Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases

Last Updated : June 01 2017

Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases

by Chloe Johnson 2017 May 25

Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases

Ever stopped to wonder what might be causing the alarming severity of climate changes world wide? Remember that knowledge is the key to change. Although dramatic doomsday prophecies are an easy escape route, the real truth lies elsewhere. If you care enough about the future of your race on this beautiful planet, then you will go beyond prophetic utterances and find out what's causing these changes. You will find out the little or big things you can do to reverse the situation.

It is very true that worldwide climate changes, which are responsible for these disasters, are due to rapid changes brought about in the atmosphere due to mans thoughtless and injudicious activities on planet earth. Chances are that you have often come across the phrase "greenhouse effect", but never bothered to find out what it is. This disinterest and apathy might well be the most primary reason for the shortened stay of man on planet Earth.

The earths atmosphere contains small amounts of gases like carbon dioxide and methane, which help to capture solar heat energy. These gases thus perform a vitally important function, as without that optimum amount of heat energy, the earth would be too cold a place for life to exist in it. But these gases are produced in dangerously large quantities when coal is burnt for fire or steam. They are emitted into the atmosphere in large amounts from automobiles and factories Collectively these gases are referred to as green house gases and each has a impact on the amount of extra heat that the atmosphere retains.

Since these gases are responsible for capturing the suns heat energy and entrapping it within the earths atmosphere, their presence in large quantities in the atmosphere means rising atmospheric temperatures. After a point the temperature rises above the normal range, causing changes in the planetary wind system.

Global warming is also causing the polar ice-caps to melt, making the sea water levels rise, causing wide-scale floods and erosion of banks. This is causing great devastation on earth. Thus global warming is gradually causing widespread climatic changes.

Another factor giving rise to the green house effect is deforestation. As you perhaps remember from your early biology lessons, plants and trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, use it to produce their food, and release oxygen into the atmosphere, in a process known as photosynthesis.

Plants thus regulate the amounts of both these important gases in our surroundings. But due to rampant and heedless cutting of trees across the globe for commercial purposes, the world population of green life on earth has hit an all time low. The fewer number of trees means that a lesser amount of carbon dioxide is being absorbed by them, again increasing their amounts in the atmosphere.

Once you understand this, it doesn't take long to understand why people are so keen to deny the existence of global warming. The world's economy is dominated by companies that produce oil or gas or use its by-products: it is almost impossible to imagine modern life without fossil fuel. But here is the most basic of all the errors in the argument. Fossil fuels are not the only source of energy available to us. There is sufficient energy from the sun arriving on the planet in one hour to power all human activities for an entire year. The real challenge is how we rearrange our political and economic systems to harness that energy and reclaim a safe climate for all of us.

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